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What We Do ?

How It Works Step One

To get a new attractive friend as your dating partner, first you need to register your details in our site. To enroll, you have to enter all your correct details in the registration form. We will verify your submission and generate an exclusive identification number for you. The number will become your identity in our network.

How It Works Step Two

We have got a huge database of clients, who need special friends like you to enjoy a few hours of fun. If any of our clients choose your profile, we will contact you promptly on your registered contact number. It is our responsibility to get you in touch with your partner by providing her number and other details. Only client is eligible to set your fee, but you will have the full supremacy to accept or decline any offer.

How It Works Step Three

After you both become comfortable with each other by chatting and talking over phone and other means of communication, you can meet your partner personally. You both will decide the venue and date of your most coveted meeting, and enjoy a gala fun fiesta. It is entirely both of your decision how many times and for how long you will you will continue the relationship.

How It Works Step Four

You will get your reward after the completion of your special assignment. As soon as our client notifies us that you have completed your assigned job, we will release your reward immediately. The most important thing which you should know is, we collect your reward from our client well in advance, as soon as you accept the offer. We just hold the reward for security purpose (for you and for our client as well).


You can earn a hefty sum as a reward while you enjoy with your dating partner. We have a huge pool of special female clients across the country, who likes to spend a quality time with bold and capable men like you in exchange of handsome rewards. Few years ago these types of services was not very popular in India, but now days it has gained a huge demand. If you are a broadminded man, and like to explore an adventurous life full of fun, want to make yourself accessible for this special service, then this is the ideal platform for you. If you are able to please your client with your special service, then you can earn so much extra bonus (excluding your fees) which is beyond your imagination. They are ready to pay any amount to you provided they are fully satisfied with your special performance.